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balance... is it real?

The journey for balance begins.

All i can say i know about balance really is something's gotta give. Side note if you haven't seen that movie with diane keaton DO IT!

Balance is different for everyone, personally i never feel busy enough. but i was thinking the other day as i was in the car to take instagram photos, i texted a client last night i couldn’t meet till 1 because i had to take instagram photos. While instgram may be a job for me how the heck did i let myself put a photo before my clients bedroom. I knew i needed to find balance. I thought about everything i was working on. Interior design, blog, instagram, product line, and many other projects in the work i can't wait to share. I thought about everything i was doing and i was amazed to see that everyday i was spending 3 hours a day, 21 hours a week working on things for instagram. It just seemed like way to much. I knew i needed a change.

Over the past year i have been trying to find balance in everything and one thing i am happy about is my shopping which i find balanced. I am in a place where i am happy with less because i buy better stuff. I would rather spend more for something i love. I now only buy things i am in love with and fit my life. I am so much happier. People always say you spend so much on makeup, when in fact i don't find that i just enjoy buying better makeup. I am not someone to really shop at ulta because i really prefer NARS, YSL and Glossier (shop glossier threw my link and save 10% )

The biggest thing i am so happy i gave up is homegoods something i never thought i would say. I now actually only go for clients and even that is limited. I am so much happier.

My journey on finding balance does not send me halfway around the world to meditate or fast and find who i am as a person. It's a much simpler journey that takes time i won’t be a changed person.






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