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my Wednesdays spa night with the housewives!!

I love having fresh flowers in my glam space

I personally loved wednesdays for so many reasons we are officially half way threw the week, a new episode of real housewives and my weekly at home spa night.

I try my best to take really good care of my skin after all we only have one face for our entire life. One of the most important factors to having amazing skin at any age is a good skin care routine. I do skincare every night and morning but with all the stress i like to take an extra hour focusing on my skin and myself. It helps me get threw the rest of the week a little bit less stressed out. But i also love it because i have an hour of downtime anyways because every wednesday i watch the new real housewives episode. Sidebar jersey is AMAZING this year!

I start my spa night off with cleansing my face twice once with a micellar water and as my second cleanser lately i have been using glossier milky jelly cleanser and to really help cleanse i use the foreo sonic cleanser device (kinda like a clarisonic but so much better)

I try to use two cleansers every night but sometimes i just don't have the energy so i like to really take the time on wednesdays. Also shop the whole glossier site 10% off with my link as long as you use a new email !!!

Then i go in with a glossier cotton round with the glossier solution to exfoliate my skin. Best exfoliante i have ever used it's the only one i have used for over a month!! It is amazing at helping to fight off acne which i have just started to suffer from the past six months. I am determined to get rid of all my acean.

Then because i am all about balance i like to calm my skin down with a towner i am currently loving the fresh rose toner. I love how a toner really does calm your skin down. Tonner is a step so many people skip but the benefits are endless.

With a clean face i am ready to go in with my first face mask and start watching the real housewives. I tend to switch it up but i love a glam glow mask or the fresh rose mask are two of my current favorites. I try to go with a mask the i feel meets a lot of my current needs. Weather that be a detoxifying or brighting there are endless types. With our skin constantly changing maks really can be our best friends.

When a commercial break comes i quickly run off to the bathroom and was off my mask and once again tone my face just to balance my PH levels. Then i just started adding an oil, i have been using this amazing victims oil i picked up at my favorite spa new beauty wellness. I love hydrating my skin with an oil in between my masks. Something so many people don't realize is all skin types need oil even the vilest of oiliest skin benefits from oils. Then i grab a sheet mask or eye masks out of the skin care fidge. I really mix it up i even with use lip masks, neck and in the winter maily hand and feet masks to lock in that extra moisture. I am always on the hunt for a new sheet masks i have so many favs i am gonna do an upcoming blog post.

Then i am off to finsh the real housewives on the couch. After i take off my facmask and start the rest of my everyday skincare rountine to help balance my skin and make sure i dont get any wrinkles.



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